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Immersive Experiences Series

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Women Teach Men is a very simple project, being held during a very complicated and confusing time. We are creating experiences where a large group of men can come together and learn from brilliant women. Our aim is to demystify the new gender terrain we have entered, by creating a platform for women to teach, and for men to reflect and join together to build an equitable and vital future.


Past Events


JULY 20-22ND 2018

For our inaugural Women Teach Men event, we chose one of the most beautiful places in the world, Ojai, California; held at the gorgeous Ojai Valley Inn.

Learn more about our first Women Teach Men event.

My Woke Hot American Summer by Rose Surnow  – An article about Women Teach Men #1 featured in Elle Magazine


The Idea

Toward the end of 2016, my friend Taylor and I were discussing a follow-up to ManCamp, a men’s retreat I hosted where 20 men came together for a weekend in the woods. It was a pretty wild 5 days in the Olympic National Forest. It left a profound mark on all of us, and we were eager to plan the second gathering. Taylor suggested that a few women join the next gathering, as the teachers.
Something happened in my brain, or rather, there was a thing that didn’t happen. I didn’t have the proper synapse for that idea. I didn’t know of another moment in my experience where a woman taught a gathering of men. Needless to say it was an immediate yes, and it is one of those ideas that sinks down to the very depth of you like a stone. Not surprisingly was available.
I began to reflect on how much women had achieved in the past 100 years, both in public and in private. Constantly addressing what it means to be a woman; growing, deepening, standing up, and reshaping our culture.
In contrast, men have done very little when it comes to the state of being a man, and tragically some of our finest men, at the peak of their lives, have been killing themselves. Yes, our technological advancements have been stunning, but the foundational work on the clay of manhood, in my perspective, leaves much to be desired. 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted. Nothing speaks more clearly than this ugly reality.
Everything came into focus when I began to think about how much I have learned from my daughters and my former partner. In the past four years I’ve been turned inside out in the best way possible, and with such incredible tenderness and love. These remarkable women held up a mirror and asked me to look at myself. Taylor’s brilliance popped back into my head, and it became clear: we need to start a movement, a platform, a forum, a place where men show up to learn from women.
We want men to learn the depths of spirituality, meditation, boxing, dancing, yoga, wilderness survival, cooking, business, creativity, and a million other things from the women we admire most. It’s that simple.

– Michael Hebb
Partner RoundGlass, Founder


We asked a few of our friends to help us build our curriculum, to be our teachers at the retreats, and to guide us as we forge ahead.


  • Alexandra Drane
  • Alexandra Shabtai
  • Alexis Jones
  • Allie Hoffman
  • Allison Goldberg
  • Amanda Saab
  • Amanda Slavin
  • Amber Rae
  • Angel Grant
  • Aniko Benedek
  • Anita Teresa Boeninger
  • Audrey
  • August Olivia
  • Ayanna Johnson
  • Barbara Burchfield
  • Bristol Baughan
  • Brooke Wurst
  • Cari Levinson
  • Carla Fernandez
  • Carla Wilcox
  • Carri Twigg
  • Cora Neumann
  • Courtney Carter
  • Debra Music
  • Deena Robertson
  • Dream Hampton
  • Dream Mullick
  • Ellen Gustafson
  • Emily Greener
  • Emily Katz
  • Erin Schrode
  • Esther Perel
  • Felicity Fellows
  • Galia Benartzi
  • Gillian Wynn
  • Gina Barnett
  • Gina Rudan
  • Haben Girma
  • Heather Barc
  • Jenn Maer
  • Jenna Arnold
  • Jenefer Palmer
  • Jenna Free
  • Jennifer Zeyl
  • Jesse Genet
  • Jessica Graham
  • Joanna Bowzer
  • Joanna Riquett
  • Joelle Nole
  • Kate Bailey
  • Kaylee Cole
  • Kate Roberts
  • Langely McNeal
  • Latham Thomas
  • Laurel Braitman
  • Laurel Holding
  • Lesley Hazleton
  • Lesley McClurg
  • Lucy Walker
  • Regena Thomashauer
  • Mari Sierra
  • Margot Bisnow
  • Maya Hough
  • Maya Lockwood
  • Melissa Palmer
  • Mia Maestro
  • Michelle Zauzig
  • Mickey Sumner
  • Mikaela Reuben
  • Mindie Kniss
  • Molly Maloof
  • Nancy Conrad
  • Nassim Assefi
  • Nia Batts
  • Nicole Apelian
  • Nicole Davis
  • Nicole Prause
  • Nicole Stanton
  • Nyla Rodgers
  • Pamela Kraft
  • Pandora Thomas
  • Rabbi Sharon Brous
  • Rabbi Susan Goldberg
  • Rhodessa Jones
  • Rika Iino
  • Sandy Cioffi
  • Sarah Hedden
  • Sarah Treem
  • Satya Twena
  • Shauna Robertson
  • Shauna Shapiro
  • Shira Ambromovitz
  • Shira Lazar
  • Shirely Bergin
  • Shoshana Ungerleider
  • Sid Azmi
  • Stacey Sher
  • Stephanie Wear
  • Sunny Bates
  • Susie Lee
  • Taylor Milsal
  • Tanya Mate
  • Terra Naomi
  • Tiffany Shlain
  • Tina Nole
  • Torrie Fields
  • Tracy McMillan
  • Tum Cohl
  • Vika Viktoria
  • Yvette Camacho


  • Adam Dexter
  • Alex Spilger
  • Andrew Heckler
  • Ben Henretig
  • Ben Nemtin
  • Brendan McGill
  • Brian Sirgutz
  • Bryan Miller
  • Charlie Wiggins
  • Chris Grosso
  • Chris Kantrowitz
  • Dan Doty
  • Dan Levine
  • Daniel Bernard Roumain
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Dario Meli
  • Dariush Mozaffarian
  • Ebenezer Bond
  • Eli Block
  • Ethan Lipsitz
  • Farbood Nivi
  • Gabor Mate
  • Gabriel Kahane
  • Greg Segal
  • Ibrahim AlHusseini
  • Jamison Monroe
  • Jason Thompson
  • Jay Faires
  • Jeff Pierce
  • Jeff Rosenthal
  • Jeffrey Zurofsky
  • Jesse Barber
  • Jon Boogz
  • Jon Gray
  • Joon Yun
  • Jordan Brown
  • Jose Mejia
  • Joseph Whinney
  • Joshua Roman
  • Lucas Krump
  • Kevin Hekmat
  • Marshall Birnbaum
  • Michael Hebb
  • Matthew Rosenberg
  • Mike Del Ponte
  • Nick Spilger
  • Noah Rainey
  • Raman Frey
  • Rex Hohlbein
  • Roberto Borrero
  • Sol Guy
  • Sunny Singh
  • Taylor Conroy
  • Tyler Wakstein
  • Vijay Chattha
  • Wayne Price
  • Wier Harman

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