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March 9th-9th, 2019

How we interact – listen, contribute, risk, collaborate – is contingent on what neuroscientists call “theory of mind,” our ability to interpret and imagine our own and others’ mental states. But if we struggle to imagine the beliefs, emotions and mental states of those who are radically different from ourselves, how can we connect? Through embodied empathy.


Our bodies contain our histories – both the scars of emotional, psychological, and physical injury as well as the memory of past triumphs, joys and love. Most of us, day in and day out, unconsciously repeat deeply ingrained physical habits that are historic, reactive and not at all aligned with the present moment. Habitual movement locks in habitual thought. Only by recognizing our self-limiting, reactive, habits can we replace them with thoughtful, connection-building responses.


Embodied empathy employs movement to decouple that entanglement, enabling new and vital ways to connect with oneself, engendering a richer understanding of others. Beyond this, the techniques used in this workshop increase innovation, enable perspective shifts, and offer novel ways to solve vexing problems.


What to Expect from this Women Teach Men Immersive –

  • Experience self-connection as a means towards other-connection
  • Have a new awareness of the body’s impact on empathy
  • Become awake to the impact of unconscious habits
  • Experience mirroring and why it matters
  • Discover how movement changes emotion


*This 3 hour immersive involves physical movement, we suggest wearing comfortable attire.

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